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I have an LJ?

*insert requisite pondering on how long its been since I last posted*

*remembers it's been 38 weeks, just off the top of my head*

*wonders if I can get away with talking in thought bubbles for an entire post*

*doubts it*

*misses Touz already... and she hasn't left yet*
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Okay, my pets... you know the game. Sign up for a Christmas card once again.

Posts are screened, so give me your address if you want a card. Also... I want cards. It's nice. I like them. I have no friends. Send me a card. DO IT.
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Well, I'm doing the properly good job of pimping the new FanFiction podcast site, Fictioncast: http://musecast.co.uk/fictioncast/index.htm.

You should really head on over there... not only is Jan doing a fantastic job of reading the news, but someone named M-E is reading the narrative bits for the fiction they chose this show. And I am bizarrely proud of myself, so please please go over there and listen.

[/shameless plug]

Wait... I have no shame.

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And the move is on. Starting today, I've got a new townhouse and I'm taking my stuff over bit by bit. How do we accumulate so much JUNK in our lives? I mean, honestly, I live a fairly unobtrusive life, and I have so much STUFF. It's actually a little sick. Movies and books and... boxes of candles and pads of paper? Really? A whole box for stuffed animals? Am I four? Why do I own so much lotion? I never WEAR lotion.

I'm a little nervous about living with someone. Misti is way way WAY too nice. She let me have the bigger bedroom with no argument, and she's just very generous with herself and her time. I'm trying to be a good little roommate. I've already suggested that we could host a weekly movie night for our friends, plus a big mass dinner once a month, in an effort to be social and pleasent. She has a lot of friends and likes spending time with them. That's sick. It'll probably be good for me... and I think perhaps I need to learn how to live with someone if I ever want to be married and have kids some day.

I'm much more concerned about keeping things clean and organized. I accumulate crap, and I always have a reason not to vacuum. I despair of being able to keep things clean. I have to, though.

Oh, other news... I might have news on the job front very soon.

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I'm cleaning the apartment to get ready for the big move. Yup... I'm moving in a week and a half. For better or worse, I'm taking on a roommate in a townhouse. I'm not all that confident right now that I'm cut out for roommating, but I'd better get cut out for it fast.

My roomie's name is Misti. Yup... Misti of PB fame, for those that remember that.

Anyway, today I threw away a massively big box containing all the files and papers I'd collected while I was in college. All the activities and lessons I'd planned when I thought I was going to be a second grade teacher... went into the dumpster. I stared at the box before shoving it over the side, thinking about that work and how I used to think I had my whole future planned out. I had a timeline, a map. Funny. Then I shoved it all into the dumpster.

And then I cried.

Meme stolen from nwcmwfan15

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.
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It's been so so so so long since I updated, but let me see what I have. *rummages in box*

*I'm going to be moving in about a month. I'm sick of the dirty little apartment and paying way more than I need to, and I HOPE I'll be glad to have a roommate. I'm not fooling myself at all in thinking that I'm someone who is easy to live with, but I need to learn how to live with SOMEONE.

*I had parent-teacher conferences last week. They were ROUGH. I didn't enjoy having to stay later at school and answer stupid questions from parents who really ought to be more concerned about the ways they're screwing up their kids and less concerned over the fact that their child isn't potty training as fast as they'd like. Is it obvious that I'm really tired of my job right now?

*My cousin got married today. It had it's good and bad moments, I suppose. My cousin's new wife had the MOST beautiful dress I've ever seen. I'll see if I can't find a picture to post later. The ceremony was on the shore of this windy little lake in Wisconsin, so it was hot and buggy and smelled like dying fish... but it was beautiful. To be honest, the ceremony was way too informal for my tastes. I want everyone to have fun and to feel at home, but people were talking the whole time, yelling things out at the bride and groom, standing on the carpet and moving during the ceremony and generally making me want to slap their faces off. This is a special day for Casey and Mary. Sit the hell down!

*I just signed up for eHarmony earlier this week. I don't know how I feel about it, but right now I'm just having fun. If you can call it fun. I"m not really mean enough to cut it off with these poor boys just because I don't like them, and I get so NERVOUS about talking to them, even though we aren't even really talking yet. I"m a freak. I'm a nightmare. I'm going to be an old lady alone with her cats, only I hate cats. So that's sad.
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So, I'm 25 now. Quarter of a century. Let me tell you something... it feels old. I mean, admit it. You just read that and thought "OMG, really? WTF is she doing with her sad little life?" Don't lie.

But I had a birthday, and I love birthdays regardless of the fact that I'm so old now :). We had Graeter's ice cream pie, which is actually loads better than cake, because it's ICE CREAM AND PIE. I mean... whoa.

Work is going well enough. I've had three parent-teacher conferences in the past month because of behavior things. I hate those. I mean... I really hate them. I hate having to sit down with a parent who believes their child is angelic and perfection itself to tell them that either 1) their child is channeling the devil or 2) their child has the developmental behaviors of an infant and might not catch up without professional help. Fun.

Other job is going well too, although I have to tell you... I hate working two jobs. I hate being on my feet for 12+ hours twice a week, and giving up my Friday and Saturday nights. I love the people, I love the job, I love my bosses, but I need a break.

I'm going through my quarterly "I love boys, but I really hate boys and hope they all die flaming deaths" time. This one wasn't even triggered by a wedding or something normal. It was merely me interacting with males my age and realizing that I've yet to find someone who will really GET me. I mean... I'm complicated. I can play like a kid, theologize (I like it... I made it up) like a grown up. I can laugh at myself, but I know not everything is a joke. I'm smart enough to see through most of their BS. I'm challenging. Maybe I don't hate boys... maybe I hate that boys go for the simple, chattery girls who I find tiresome. Fire. Flaming death. Yes.

I have done the unthinkable and let myself get involved in yet another committee at church. Honestly, crazy woman... I'm already in three other groups, and this is the most time consuming yet. I"m going to have to do the hard thing and quit my Bible study before my pregnant coleader quits. I can't imagine trying to juggle the group on my own when I don't even want to lead it.

And the worst news is... my PSP is acting up. I can't do anything with text without it shutting down, which means I really can't do anything. I'm so bummed by this, you won't believe. And I'm such a bad kid... I should just go and buy it for myself, but... I don't know. It's expensive. And it was so nice of SOMEONE LOVELY to give it to me before, and *sigh*. I miss being able to use my PSP. Might have to bite the bullet unless someone is feeling generous beyond words again.
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Let's pretend I have something interesting to say. I cut off all of my hair to donate to Locks of Love. It is... short. Very short. I'm a firm believer in the power of a hair cut to change the way you feel about yourself in some situations, but I also have a hair cut gripe.

1.) Don't ask "Did you get a haircut?" when I've had 10 inches off. It doesn't make you look observant. It makes you look stupid.

2.) My removal of hair does not mean you get to touch my hair in any way, shape, or form. I do not like to be touched.

3.) Yes, I will blush if you talk to me about my haircut. I don't deal well with attention focused on me, even if it is positive. I don't want to talk about the haircut everytime I see you.

4.) I realize that the color I dyed my hair is similar to the color it was before, but obviously you noticed it, so I wouldn't say it was a waste of time.

5.) Having everyone ask me "Do you like it? Isn't it SHORT?" does not make me feel good about my haircutting decision. I do like it... but I'm getting used to it.

6.) I'm comfortable with the fact that short hair looks good with the bone structure in my face. However, not everyone looks good with short hair, therefore "I would NEVER cut my hair that short is not constructive."

However, for the wonderful people who have commented on the cut and told me it is adorable and so fun and so on... I love you. But enough with the comments. My face is in permanent red overdrive. And the dad who told me it was very "Hollywood," you're just a bit creepy.